Why use AI technology?

AI technology is an extension of human intelligence, and we can get outlandish ideas in dialogue with AI that we would never have thought of in our normal lives. (This project itself was conceptualized and launched through a dialogue with AI.)

The design of the website and posters are also based on the output from AI.

The current business model requires an enormous amount of manpower, time, and money to create a single piece of creation, but the use of AI technology will be the key to solve current issues.

AI does not need to sleep or eat, although there are limits to what a human can do. AI can instantly produce creative products that would take a human being hours to produce.

Using these characteristics, we want to bring products to the world with small teams, small costs, and short development times.

Because we use script-complete auto-generation and AI technology, we can easily re-run the script to create a slightly different PFP based on the same seed.

In the future, we plan to airdrop NFTs with the same character and different costumes depending on the season to NFT owners. *Image under testing.

We hope that this project will provide an opportunity for the general public, who may not be interested in NFT, to experience AI and NFT technologies by making the best use of AI. We will be happy if we can contribute to the development of AI and NFT technologies.

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