What is the MashiroAI Project?


What is this project?

MashiroAI is the world's first fully automated script-completion PFP x AI generative NFT project that auto-generates 1024 NFTs with AI technology.

In short, our development team has created a cutting-edge new way to generating NFTs with AI. This new solution can significantly reduce the huge cost and time involved in creating the design aspects of traditional generated NFT projects. In a traditional generated NFT project, the artist needs to manually draw the parts that make up the NFT using drawing software by hand. Due to the increasing number of collection-based NFT projects nowadays, many NFT projects have started to express that their NFTs are carefully designed by drawing complex parts for them. On the other hand, MashiroAI team believes that this is an unnecessary act of involution. the art of Web3 should not be a pile of elaborate patterns, and we should invest more time and cost in the technical aspects. Also, MashiroAI Project not only by tuning AI technology, but also by fully automated scripting of material images, prompts, and metadata to be input to AI by Image to Image.

Team choose 1024 for Total number of supply because AI understands binary numbers. Despite this, AI learns the world as we humans see it and outputs "reality" beyond what we see.

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