Selected for the Microsoft for Startups program offered by Microsoft

# Microsoft for Startups

MashiroAI has been selected for the Microsoft for Startups support program as the first PFP project!

Together with Microsoft, we will realize a more productive and creative society by spreading Web3 and AI technologies.

We will utilize members/knowledge that have worked on Defi/GameFi/NFT projects originating from Japan. We are also planning online and offline collaborative events as Japan's first fully automated scripted PFPxAI generative NFT project/community that combines AI technology, which has been gaining momentum in recent years.

We are able to receive support from Microsoft for server costs, and since we do not have to pay server costs, which are in the tens or hundreds of thousands for other NFT projects, we are able to maintain, maintain, and operate the server over the long term at a low cost.

About Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft for Startups is a startup support program offered by Microsoft Corporation, which is globally deployed in more than 140 countries around the world. The program aims to promote the growth of startups with unique and innovative technical solutions. The program provides startups with access to Microsoft's powerful technologies, including Azure, as well as dedicated resources to grow their businesses by leveraging the company's partner network. Up to $350,000 worth of development environments and tools, including up to $150K in free Azure slots. All tools, including GitHub Enterprise, Microsoft 365, and Power Platform, are also provided free of charge.

With the adoption of Microsoft for Startups, MashiroAI will improve the stability and robustness of its system, and will also strive to revitalize its community by taking advantage of the mentorship and technical support provided by Microsoft.

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