Differences from Other NFTs

Nowadays, there are many AIxNFT projects, and all the AI-generated pictures are of high quality, and whether or not they are PFPxNFT projects, many of them are still cute when viewed as individual pictures.

In fact, there is a current situation in which AI-generated images are sold as NFT, and I think that is one way to use AI.

However, what is essential is that the hurdles and costs of creating NFT projects have been lowered by the availability of AI technology, and it is easier to give back to the NFT holders and those who have supported the community from the beginning.

So, where do we put our souls at MashiroAI? There are several things, and I will explain each one in turn.

1. MashiroAI developed AI tuning technology that produces stable enough patterns to be viable as a PFP

There are no existing AI x NFT projects that have succeeded in creating unique PFPs with a large number of patterns and features, and with variations, like the so-called Azuki and other super blue-chip NFT projects.

In this respect, MashiroAI has created a 0->1 technology to generate a large number of high quality PFP images in a short period of time by using its own AI tuning technology and automated scripting.

This technology is so well developed that it can be released as a stand-alone service (or rather, it had to be developed in the process of creation), and it may not be long before it is available as a web service that can be used by anyone.

2.the generation of images and metadata is done on a large scale in a fully automated system of our own.

It is impossible to generate the large amount of images and metadata needed for a PFP project in a short period of time if manual tuning is required.

In this respect, MashiroAI is able to create all PFP images and metadata without manual tuning using AI technology by fully automating this process with scripts.

This is a technical hurdle that still sets us apart from other AIxNFT projects.

3. mint site creation in a short period of time with AI design support

AI has reduced the cost of designing and creating materials for the mint site portion of the site (usually 2 weeks~1 month -> 1 hour with AI), allowing us to start implementation of the mint site much faster. We were able to create an MVP for a system that allows us to collect wallet address for ALLOW LIST.

4.challenges as New NFT standards


We would like to propose a new concept called ERC721Delegate as a way to reduce gas costs and to conduct social experiments through this project. If widely used, it could reduce the cost of gas and storage on Ethereum and the cost of creating nft.


In addition, from the viewpoint of investor protection, we are considering the challenge of setting a lock on NFTs obtained from FreeAL for a certain period of time to prevent speculators from throwing them away, losses due to price declines, and the decline commit of the community. We are currently discussing this on Discord in the form of a DAO.

5. generalization of original system

As described in 1 and 2, we have built a unique system in terms of creating a PFPxNFT project using AI in the creation of this NFT project.

It is technically possible to provide this system as a tool/application in the near future, and when it is released, we may be able to arrange for NFT holders to benefit from it in the AIxNFT context, such as early/free access.

There are many AIxNFT projects out there, some of which don't even have mint sites, and those that are taking on new technical challenges as MashiroAI is, frankly, a rarity.

Whether or not this alone is reason enough for you to choose MashiroAI is up to you as a reader, but regardless of whether or not you choose MashiroAI, we hope that this project will push Web3 and AI technologies forward and make our society run more efficiently and interestingly.

We hope that this project will push Web3 technology and AI technology forward and make society run more efficiently and interestingly.

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