What is this project for?

What is great and new about it?

Web3 is essentially a product of the Digital Transformation context, where all unnecessary procedures are left to smart contracts.

Despite this, recent NFT projects have put too much effort into non-essentials, such as how rich the picture is, or how many man-months are spent creating the creative, sales process, and experience.

We are able to complete PFPxNFT projects with AI-based, fully auto-generated, high-volume publishing with timelines, scale, and effort that are impossible for humans. In order to strike an antithesis to the existing NFT collectives that have misunderstood what Web3 is, and to the current "non-Web3" labeled as "Web3".

Also, on the technical side of contracts, MashiroAI is planning to launch a new concept called ERC721Delegate.

The existing "generation of ERC721 tokens by inheritance" has been the culprit of gas price and storage capacity squeeze on the Ethereum mainnet, duplicate deployment of the same code and waste of human resources.

As an antithesis to that "generation of ERC721 tokens by inheritance", I am also considering presenting "generation of ERC721 tokens by delegation" as one solution.

For details, please refer to the "Differences from Other NFTs" page.

Please look not at the NFT "picture" but at the technology, and by extension, at the new limitless future of mankind beyond the development of Web3 and AI technology.

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